The Procedure

1st Day - Welcome to Istanbul

When you land at Istanbul Airport, your name will be sign posted with one of our taxi drivers.  He will take you to your Luxury hotel so you can settle in, the driver will then take you to the clinic to have your consultation with our head surgeon.  Once this has been discussed and all confirmed you will then give yourself time to enjoy the amazing historical sites Istanbul have to offer.

2nd Day -  Operating Day.

You will be picked up at 08:00 and taken to the Medical Hospital with our driver. Once there, the operation plan will be discussed. When agreed the payment will be done, and you will be brought to the operation room.
The duration of the operation depends on the number of hairs that will be transplanted, but expect a duration of about 6-8 hours.  While the procedure is taken place, you will be able to either watch TV, listen to music, or even take a nap as you will not feel any pain.  Our doctors will always ask you how you are.  Half way through the operation there will be a short 15 minute break in where you will be provided complimentary lunch, and it advised to take a toilet break.  When you return back to the operation room the nurses will assist you back in the correct lay down position and will complete the graft implementation.  Once completed you will assisted to where your original cloths back, and medicine will be provided by the doctor.  Our driver will take you back to the hotel and advise on the appropriate sleeping position along, with a special designed cushion provided by the clinic.  You will have our number at all times in-case you need to call us at night.  Our Clinic will have someone to be on standby for your needs.

3rd Day  After Care.

The taxi driver will take you to the hospital for the last time for your final check.  You will be given a 10 year guarantee certificate of the hair implants, approved medication, lotion, shampoo and a holiday hat.  This will all be included in the price of your package.  You can then take to the scenes of Istanbul for more leisure activities.

4th Day - Returning Home

The driver will pick you up from the hotel to the airport.  You will be able to go back to work the next day as normal.  We advise patients to keep us posted with your developments.

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