What is FUE Treatment?

Millions of bad comb-overs and strip incision scars later, the new technique that hair restoration surgeons were waiting for was finally perfected. The hair transplant community eventually embraced follicular unit extraction (FUE). Surgeons praised the method and potential patients were curious about it.

FUE hair treatment involves the removal of small groups of hair follicles (usually between one and four) from the donor site and their reinsertion into the receptor site. These small grafts allow for equal distribution of hair in the balding area of the scalp and produce more natural-looking results. In fact, once the receptor site has completely healed, it is virtually impossible to detect that any sort of hair transplant procedure has taken place.

What you can expect from FUE.

1. The FUE technique is a fast hair restoration procedure using scalpel that cuts the skin around the hair follicle. Through this application, a few follicles are removed from the donor area. What happens next, is that the extracted follicles (called grafts) are inserted into the small slits that have been cut in the recipient area. By administering a shallow punch on the surrounding tissue (an advanced method of follicular perforation), this allows the surgeon to make sure that the graft be released from the tissue with better ease and minimum traction. This has the advantage of healing quickly and without leaving anything detectable, once new hair begins to grow (takes over a week).

2. By healing quickly and for new hair to grow soon, means that FUE will enable a faster recovery in most patients. The grafts will become secure after a week and the wound in the donor area will heal within 7-14 days.

3. We accept all hair loss sufferers as candidates for the FUE treatment. It wasn't always the case in the past, as candidates had to meet certain criteria like texture of hair, skin complexion, the amount of donor hair transplant available, person's age etc. Now that the FUE is so advanced meeting such criteria is not a condition or requirement.

4. With the significant advances made in science today, patients going through the FUE process recover without visible scars in the donor or recipient area. The only thing left are the tiny slits cut in the recipient area, which are conveniently hidden by new hair. This leaves the patient with natural and healthy looking hair.

For all those who are suffering from hair loss and are searching for the best method of restoring their youth, follicular unit extraction should be considered. We at EnduringDrive World hair clinic are here to assist with any questions you may have and to guide you through the process.

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