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Are you worried about losing your hair?

Losing hair is a common worry amongst men and although no proven cure has been found, there are ways that your hair can be prevented from further loss through continued medical treatment. Unfortunately, with the current hair restoration programmes around, it would burn a financial hole in most of our pockets.

Why do we lose hair?

We are all not attuned with the scientific jargon, but for starters, we can say that hormonal balances or imbalances in our system produce dihydrotestosterone (DHT) through the conversion of testoterone. Simply, either parent can carry this and pass it on to their offspring.

Stress and Trauma
In the current climate, most of us are working and living in a stressful and demanding environment. These symptoms have an effect on the blood supply to our capillary veins and therefore, constrict the blood supply. When this occurs, a lack of oxygen and nutrient supply hinders nutrient absorption in the hair folicles rendering them weak, unhealthy and prone to falling off.

Nutrition and Diet
You need to have a balanced diet, i.e. food consumption containing iron protein, zinc and biotin to enable vital amino acids and vitamin absorption for the hair follicles to grow. Other things to take into consideration are high consumption of animal fats and rapid weight loss.

Medication is another factor which will have effect on your hair, whether you're on birth control, diabetic, using steroids, suffering from a heart condition and depending on the symptom and type of medication, it may cause temporary or permanent hair loss.

Pollutants in the air and water, as well as exposure to chlorine, metals and minerals, can lead to hormonal imbalances that can contribute to hair loss.

Unfortunately, as we age, our follicules can deteriorate.

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